Friday, August 29, 2008

Rebecca Bridals

Holy hotness batman!!! Meet Rebecca. I am so excited for her wedding in October. She is marrying Jeff at Millcreek Inn, so we decided to shoot some of her bridals up at Millcreek Inn, then head down to SLC to finish. I can't take credit for all these beautiful shots, I must give a shout out to Rebecca's mom and friend McKenzie for helping me hold reflectors and flashes, they are the secret behind my sucess and McKenzie gets credit for referring Rebecca to me, so double thanks :) We had such a great time and I am stoked that tonight I get to shoot Rebecca again :) this time with Jeff. Their engagements coming next week ;) stay tuned folks....til next time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Sweet Madison

Last night after I got back from a bridal session, I was sitting at my computer working while Tiffany was on the couch directly behind me doing some work on our laptop. Madison had happened to crawl up on Tiffany's lap (a sure sign that we know she is tired) and laid her head on Tiffany's shoulder. I happened to still have my camera out from the bridal session and hadn't put it away yet, so I quickly snapped the first shot. After she realized I was taking pictures, she sat up and posed for the second shot. My how Madison has grown and just look at her big beautiful brown eyes, they melt my heart like nothing else in this world. I am so blessed to have three beautiful kids that fill my heart with love like I have never known before. I thought I would share these with you guys as these pictures mean so much to me, I need to take photos like these more often because soon my precious babies will be grown and gone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brooke and Tomas Wedding 8/14/08

So I am slowly catching up on my blog posts. With Tiffany going back to work and school, it is a little tougher for me to blog as much, but soon, I will be caught up and be able to blog almost immediately after shoots :) So here is the wedding of Brooke and Tomas. It was such a beautiful day and the details were amazing. The day started out at the Bountiful Temple and finished at the Memorial House in Memory Grove. These guys were so fun to shoot and not to mention so darn good looking (if I do say so myself and I do say). It was a pleasure to once again work with Shay of STC Digital Videography. I belive I may have cried a couple times during the reception, but don't quote me on that, this is all speculation as I cry all the time at weddings, but only big macho manly tears, lol, ok, maybe not, but we'll touch more on this subject in a future post :) Until next time....

I think Brooke wins the award for most exuberant exit :)

This one is my favorite image in this series :) Such a timeless moment.

Jon and Brooklyne 8/9/08

Jon and Brooklyne got married on 8/9/08 at the Salt Lake City Temple. I loved Brooklyne's bird cage veil, it is so classic and cute. Reception was held at the Woods on Ninth and it was a rockin' good time, but then again, it's always a good time with Jon and Brooklyne :) Congratulations guys, and thanks for allowing me to share one of the best days in your lives.