Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Tree Decorating and Christmas Time

Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and Holiday season. It has been a crazy and hectic time and I enjoyed taking a small break from the computer and my business. It was nice to finally spend some time with the family and it's something I hope to do more of next year. We love this time of season and a few weeks ago finally got around to decorating the Christmas tree.

Every year, Layton park, close to where we live puts on their Christmas lights and it's our tradition to go. The kids would probably go every day if they had their choice. We usually drive through it more than a few times and then we will walk through it with the kids and some hot chocolate.

Christmas morning is one of the most fun days of the whole year. The kids are so excited. Cameron was the first one to wake up as usual but as soon as the kids heard him they knew what was waiting for them in the living room. Cameron was so fun this year because he was really excited about all of the gifts, at first he just wanted to pass out the gifts but half way through he was interested in opening his gifts. He was SO excited to see Elmo and his Sponge bob toy!
The kids received a letter from Santa telling them that he knows they have been good kids and since we don't have a chimney to put a special key that he left in the package on the door and he also had glitter sprinkles so put on the lawn so the reindeer would know that it was the right house. So on Christmas Eve Kyleigh put glitter sprinkles on the ground so Santa's Reindeer would know to stop by our house.

Sponge bob!!

Baylie and Brady Groomals

Last week I shot some groomals for Baylie and Brady who just got married yesterday in the Logan Temple. As Rachael and I were coming off one of the SLC exits, we saw this really awesome run down building and decided to check it out. Upon entering it, we found a gutted house with exposed brick and a lone antique tub sitting upstairs by a window. Since it was snowing outside, we decided it would be a perfect place to shoot. Then we finished up at the SLC library and a couple shots on main street and club vegas. Congratulations Baylie and Brady, I had an awesome time shooting your wedding yesterday and will try to post some shots soon :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Megan and Derek Reception

Hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas. I finally got around to finishing up Megan and Derek's wedding photos so thought I would post the rest of their wedding day. Tiffany always complains that my ring shots lack creativity, so I went outside my normal shooting style and decided to use a piano instead of flowers :) Thanks babe for constantly pushing my creativity and for always supporting me with the business :) Some of my favorite shots to do are the first dance and parent dances. There is always so much emotion and I really love the mood I was able to create with my off camera flash. Anyways, I will be heading out of town tonight to shoot a wedding at the Logan Temple tomorrow morning, but will try to post some more goodies on Monday :)