Sunday, February 22, 2009

Owen Wallace Ligon Part Deux

My long time friend Chelsea called me one evening and asked if I could do a shoot in a few days of Owen, and so we threw a few things together and these are a few of the images that I was able to capture.

I really think that Baby photos look best in black and white, it seems more quiet, and peaceful. What do you think?

-Tiffany Izatt


So what is WPPI? It is Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. We have been in Vegas from February 14-19th so there is good reason for the lack of blogging. Now keep in mind it wasn't all fun and games...well mostly it was, but we learned so many new things, and we are so stoked to start this new year off. We will be introducing some new exciting products, and we will be stepping up our game.

We had a blast being there, and I think that we had too much fun because we came back and now we are feeling ill. There are so many people that we met with and totally connected with. It makes me excited for next year when we can possibly see them again and meet more people!

Blues Traveler Concert

A few fellow photographers and spouses Amanda & Chris and Leslie with Tavis although Tavis is taking the photo.

A few fellow Photographers Jessica and Vanessa and Paul and Carly

A photo shoot put together by Ohana Photographers I will have those amazing shots later on this week, so stay posted!

We had dinner/dessert with the following awesome people Gabriel Ryan and Carlie and Melissa Koehler and Emily and Amber Burmeister

-Tiffany Izatt

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Author Bonnie Humphrey

So last October, I was approached by my really good friend and editor of Latterday Bride Magazine. Her friend Bonnie was working on getting a book published and was looking for a photographer to provide some shots to use throughout the book. Jennifer immediately thought of me and asked me if it was ok to give Bonnie my name, and I was more than happy to volunteer. Bonnie is currently living in Japan and we have spent the last few months communicating via email. Well she flew back to the states this week and was in need of a headshot to use in the "about the author" section in the back of the book. So I drove out to meet her in Bountiful and we did a couple quick headshots. It was nice to finally put a face with the name. My first impression of Bonnie was how warm and genuine she was. As we sat down to chat after the headshots, we got to talk and find out about each other more personally. I am so glad I have had the chance to work with her and I am so excited to see the book when it is all designed. It is a book about budgeting and finances for the newlywed couple and will be an awesome read. I'll keep you guys posted when it finally publishes and is available in stores and let you know the title. Bonnie will have an online store that I will link to as well where you can purchase a copy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Owen Wallace Ligon

Everyone Owen, Owen Everyone. Here is your worldwide debut! On January 19th my best friend Chelsea who you might remember from this shoot, had her baby Owen (who was 7lbs 3 oz) and I was able to be there to capture the moments right after his birth. I waned to share this series of photos because when I see it, it makes me feel all warm inside. :) It is such a tender moment, that makes me remember when I had my children and Dustin was there to share in that moment. What a more perfect time to post this though because Valentines is Saturday.

I am so excited because she just called me to schedule an in-home shoot tomorrow.

By the way if your wondering what Dustin got me for Valentines here it is: I am SO EXCITED! We will also be driving Here on Valentines Day with NO CHILDREN for 6 whole days! We are going for This reason!

-Tiffany Izatt

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enizio NEEDS your help - For a good cause

On April 11 2009, Studio Enizio will be hosting a Dress Drive and we need your help!
Pull out those old High School dresses and donate them to our salon between today and April 11, 2009. We will then hold an event where we will sell your donations for no more than 40 BUCKS!
All proceeds will go to the Panzi Hospital in the District of Congo.

Heres the Guidelines for Donations:
Ideal donations include formal gowns from 2002 to new, in GREAT condition, in all sizes and colors.
Dresses must be dry cleaned and on hangers.
Must be formal gowns or fancy party dresses.

Everyone that donates will have a chance to be entered into a drawing for a free makeover by the Enizio Team!

All of you who will need a dress for Prom can come on the 11th of April and pick one up for under 40 dollars! Plus all you girls that come in to purchase will also be entered into a drawing to have your hair and makeup done for prom on us!!!!

So PLEASE pass the word along. We need all the help we can get to make this a successful event.

About the Panzi Hospital in the District of Congo:

"With the war in the District of Congo rape has been a cheap, simple weapon for all parties in the war, more easily obtainable than bullets or bombs: “This violence was designed to exterminate the population,” there is such stigma associated with rape in Congo — where female virginity is prized and the husband of a rape survivor is considered shamed — that rape survivors are routinely shunned by husbands, parents and communities.

The Congo war has claimed more lives than any conflict since the end of World War II, yet receives almost no attention outside central Africa. An estimated 4 million people have died here since 1996 — the vast majority not by firepower but starvation or preventable diseases, as people hid in the jungle to escape the fighting." ( Stephanie Nolen of Ms Magazine.)
photo credit: The New York Times
The Panzi Hospital was created to help treat the victims of rape. Please take the time to read more about their organization here or an article by the New York Times here
We are eager and excited to be able to raise something - anything to help even one victim.

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Clark @ Studio Enizio - 801.341.5041

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello all my photographer friends. Just thought I would pass along the news that I just launched my very own online store for wedding album templates and photoshop actions. Offering Album Templates for Photoshop, Fotofusion, and InDesign, as well as a set of artistic photoshop actions. Visit the link below to check out all of the templates and actions.

Album Templates and Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Coming soon, I also plan to offer album design services, so if you are a photographer looking to outsource your album design for a very affordable cost, hit me up for more info.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding Wire 2009 Bride's Choice Award

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced that Dustin Izatt Photography has won the 2009 Bride’s Choice Awards™!

In its inaugural year, the Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and honors vendors from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellent quality of service, responsiveness, professionalism, value of cost and flexibility. This year’s recipients represent the top three percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which includes over 100,000 wedding vendors from across the US. That means Dustin Izatt Photography is one of the very best Wedding Photographers.

Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the company, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds through surveys and reviews.

“We are excited to launch this annual award program to honor high-performing vendors based solely on the experiences of our WeddingWire community,” according to Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s recipients have set the bar high, exhibiting excellent service and expertise in the wedding industry.”
Dustin Izatt Photography would like to thank our past clients for speaking on our behalf and helping us win the 2009 Bride’s Choice Award!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event (Official Video)

One of my new favorite bands :) I am working on a blog post but wanted to share this music video with you guys while you are waiting. Check out Innocence and Wishing Well as well.