Thursday, December 4, 2008

Date night with the Johnsons

So a few weeks back, the Izatt's (Tiffany and Dustin) and the Johnson's (Leslie and Tavis) went out for a most radical double date. When Tiffany and I dated in high school, we used to do the coolest things like going to haunted houses, going on hikes, the zoo, and many other fun and creative dates, but it seems since we got married, our dates usually consist of dinner and a movie. So Tavis and I stepped up our game by taking our ladies laser tagging, out to some fine dining at Jimmy Johns' subs, and then a few hours at the local nickelcade :) I don't remember the last time I had that much fun. Laser tagging is my new passion, lol. At first it was just the four of us alone in the laser tag arena, and then for our second game, we got to play with 20 little kids running around. We got dominated by them, lol. Anyways, thanks to Tavis for bringing along his camera and snapping some photos :) We even ran into some of my clients Addie and Travis who just got married on the 2nd. I even caught a little video of Tavis in action at the nickelcade throwing some mean punches.



rychelle said...

you guys look like the funnest couple!

i heart jimmy johns.

Tavis Johnson said...

dude! looks like i'm wearing a toupe.

ohana photographers -david and kimi said...

sounded like a blast!!! glad you guys got out and had fun! it's tough sometimes for us photographers to peel ourselves from the computer. rock on guys!

Tawsha said...

dang looks like fun, wish we would have taken you up on the invite!