Friday, May 22, 2009

Dustin Izatt Wedding Photography Workshop Uno

So I hosted my first ever workshop last Thursday and I had such a wicked sweet time. We started out at 10 AM and went all night long. One of my future wedding couples Whitney and Dan were so kind to come and model for our live shoot. Special thanks to Chad from Albums Unlimited who flew out from California to talk about their albums and give the students some killer discounts. If you have a chance, check out my students websites and leave them some blog love, they have some mad skills.

Erin Fonnesbeck

Jen Korth
Adam Packard
Veronica Bastian
Kara Laws
Mandi Nuttal

Also big thanks to all my sponsors who hooked the students up with killer prizes, discounts, and who make the killer products that I use daily.

Albums Unlimited

Master Lab
Metal Mural
Pixel 2 Canvas
Totally Rad Actions


Alyssa said...

it's dan!! dan and i used to be next door neighbors last year. funny you're the photographer for both our weddings! these pictures are excellent. they're a good looking couple. i hope she loves guitar hero as much as him!
"of the Mike and Alyssa couple" :)

Gloria Nobles said...

OMGoodness, what a hott couple!! And those shots are even hotter! I am pretty jealous of yout attendees, but I know they learned lots and lots of great stuff! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get schooled by "The D"!! : )

Annelise said...

wonderful pictures. very sweet couple.
wish I could've come. looks like you guys had a fun time.