Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cory and Zach Wedding

Shanda and I had such an awesome time shooting the wedding of Cory Ann and Zach at the Mt Timpanogus Temple and reception at Thanksgiving Point. It was a very emotional wedding and it was hard to get through the luncheon with blurry watery manly crying eyes. Thank goodness for auto focus. Mad props to Zach's mom for doing all the flowers, bouquet, and centerpieces for the wedding, she did a killer job. Back to editing, three more killer weddings coming your way ;) so stay tuned.

Here is a lovely shot of the DJ grinding up on me and grabbing my pecs :P


robin said...

beautiful work--just wow.

i love the ringbearer with the bridesmaids' skirts, and grandfather too. and that cake is totally amazing.

great work, dustin--

Stephanie... or Stevie. said...

Gorgeous as usual. :) That first image is just timeless. Love your range!

Gloria Nobles said...

WOW Dustin, WOW! I'm almost speechless except I have to say that I love the Bride's big squinty smiling pictures, they're too cute!! But I am HEAD OVER HEELS for the picture of her crying, and the Groom & MOG hugging, I can totally feel the emotion you are talking about! Great job and manly tears are ok with me :)!

Great job with them all, can't wait for the other three!

Amy said...

My goodness, I love their choice for bridal colors, that purple looks divine against her dress! And such a fantastic get-a-way shot with all the action and excitement. Lovely job Dustin!

Shanda Petersen said...

I love them! My fave has to be the one of you and the DJ though! That was classic! We are funny peeps fo sho!