Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Forget Me Way Out West Video Sad

All day today, I will be working on Abby and Matt's wedding pictures for their blog post tonight, so in the meantime, I wanted to share an awesome song that I heard a couple days ago. When I was out in California shooting Abby and Matt's wedding, Corrine and Alex (married 10/20/07) were nice enough to let me stay with them. Well Corrine happened to be watching Grey's Anatomy which I had never seen before, so I sat and watched along. Holy cow, where have I been, I became instantly addicted, came home to Utah, and bought season 1 and 2 to start catching up. This song came up on one of the episodes and it is absolutely beautiful. Any of you who watch Grey's Anatomy will recognize this song. I think I love Grey's so much because the characters are so real and when I am watching, I instantly feel connected to them and feel as if I am a part of the show. I find when I am not watching the show, I am still thinking about the characters and what will happen in the next episode, lol, it really is addicting. I have laughed along and cried along with the characters. Ok, back to editing so I can blog tonight ;) enjoy the song.


TV said...

A new Grey's fan. I love it! Check out the facebook page. It's really fun.

Gloria Nobles said...

OMG D, where have you been??? You've NEVER (???) watched a single episide of GA?? Totally NOT cool. But I so get you when you say how you connect to the characters bc it's so real. I have been Izzy, Miranda,Meredith, Addison, & Callie. Not yet Cristina,or Erica (hahaha)!

Enjoy and welcome fellow addictee!