Monday, September 29, 2008

Abby and Matt Wedding Newport Beach, California

Abby and Matt were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple in California. It was a long day for everyone, but an absolutely gorgeous day at that. We started with a wedding brunch in Laguna Beach California in the Hotel Laguna. I am so glad that Abby and Matt budgeted a lot of time for us to shoot photos together, it really allowed me to be more creative and we ended up getting some really awesome shots at the temple and the beach. We went back to Laguna Beach for some shots and ended up taking some shots at the very gazebo where Matt proposed to Abby. I had an absolute blast shooting and flew back early Saturday morning and had a couple hours rest before shooting Stevie and Nick's wedding, which as you probably know, will be my next blog stay tuned yet again :P

I heard it's Matt's family tradition for every wedding to wear the most silly socks ever invented, lol.

Hahaha, in case you are wondering about this most awesomely creative shot, we were finishing up Abby and Matt's engagement session months ago and Matt had one last idea for a shot. yep, this was it, he did it for engagements and it's only right that we followed tradition for the wedding. Matt likes to call it "Bum is where the heart is" lol. I like his sense of humor.

Some of you may recall Heather. It was nice running into Heather :) She came to the reception with her twin sister Heidi and it was nice to chat a bit. Thanks Heidi for taking this awesome picture :)

Don't Forget Me Way Out West Video Sad

All day today, I will be working on Abby and Matt's wedding pictures for their blog post tonight, so in the meantime, I wanted to share an awesome song that I heard a couple days ago. When I was out in California shooting Abby and Matt's wedding, Corrine and Alex (married 10/20/07) were nice enough to let me stay with them. Well Corrine happened to be watching Grey's Anatomy which I had never seen before, so I sat and watched along. Holy cow, where have I been, I became instantly addicted, came home to Utah, and bought season 1 and 2 to start catching up. This song came up on one of the episodes and it is absolutely beautiful. Any of you who watch Grey's Anatomy will recognize this song. I think I love Grey's so much because the characters are so real and when I am watching, I instantly feel connected to them and feel as if I am a part of the show. I find when I am not watching the show, I am still thinking about the characters and what will happen in the next episode, lol, it really is addicting. I have laughed along and cried along with the characters. Ok, back to editing so I can blog tonight ;) enjoy the song.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cory and Zach Wedding

Shanda and I had such an awesome time shooting the wedding of Cory Ann and Zach at the Mt Timpanogus Temple and reception at Thanksgiving Point. It was a very emotional wedding and it was hard to get through the luncheon with blurry watery manly crying eyes. Thank goodness for auto focus. Mad props to Zach's mom for doing all the flowers, bouquet, and centerpieces for the wedding, she did a killer job. Back to editing, three more killer weddings coming your way ;) so stay tuned.

Here is a lovely shot of the DJ grinding up on me and grabbing my pecs :P