Sunday, February 22, 2009


So what is WPPI? It is Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. We have been in Vegas from February 14-19th so there is good reason for the lack of blogging. Now keep in mind it wasn't all fun and games...well mostly it was, but we learned so many new things, and we are so stoked to start this new year off. We will be introducing some new exciting products, and we will be stepping up our game.

We had a blast being there, and I think that we had too much fun because we came back and now we are feeling ill. There are so many people that we met with and totally connected with. It makes me excited for next year when we can possibly see them again and meet more people!

Blues Traveler Concert

A few fellow photographers and spouses Amanda & Chris and Leslie with Tavis although Tavis is taking the photo.

A few fellow Photographers Jessica and Vanessa and Paul and Carly

A photo shoot put together by Ohana Photographers I will have those amazing shots later on this week, so stay posted!

We had dinner/dessert with the following awesome people Gabriel Ryan and Carlie and Melissa Koehler and Emily and Amber Burmeister

-Tiffany Izatt


Carly Carlson said...

OMG there is a photo of me on Dustin Izatt's blog!!!!! Never thought I'd see the day. :)

Love you Izatts! It was great to meet ya'll!

Vanessa said...

Vegas was a BLAST...I am so glad that I met all of you! We need to have a little get together! What can I say...I am Famous NOW...I have made it on your blog :) (but, my name links to Jess haha!)

Tiff...I hope you get an award for knowing about all the Fabulous Parties...You ROCK GIRL!!!

`Peace V

Studio222 Photography said...

Looks like fun! I'm sad we couldn't make it. Next year we'll bring they par-tay though! ;)

Austin & Dara said...

sweet post! I was there too - can't wait to post some images. WPPI was killer this year!

Erin said...

Looks awesome. Wish I could have gone. Next tear though.

Kenny Nakai said...

it was cool chilling with you guys for a bit out there! Good to see you both doing so well!

Tavis Johnson said...

Thanks for the funnest trip EVER guys!!! Can't believe the amounts of awesomeness and kindness you guys have in your hearts. SO much fun spending the week w/ the best people ever...Now move closer, I called first!-Leslie

Photoe said...

thanks Dustin. a brief meet and I'm on your blog - awesome! cheers from London, Engladnd! P