Monday, February 9, 2009

Owen Wallace Ligon

Everyone Owen, Owen Everyone. Here is your worldwide debut! On January 19th my best friend Chelsea who you might remember from this shoot, had her baby Owen (who was 7lbs 3 oz) and I was able to be there to capture the moments right after his birth. I waned to share this series of photos because when I see it, it makes me feel all warm inside. :) It is such a tender moment, that makes me remember when I had my children and Dustin was there to share in that moment. What a more perfect time to post this though because Valentines is Saturday.

I am so excited because she just called me to schedule an in-home shoot tomorrow.

By the way if your wondering what Dustin got me for Valentines here it is: I am SO EXCITED! We will also be driving Here on Valentines Day with NO CHILDREN for 6 whole days! We are going for This reason!

-Tiffany Izatt


Tawsha said...

beautiful pictures! You will have to take some of us, when I finally have a baby!
I love when people have photographers photograph a birth, such a wonderful thing to document!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

what an incredible moment to be part of. what a little blessing!

hope to meet you guys in vegas!

rychelle said...

vegas, baby!

maybe we'll run into each other. ;)

Gloria Nobles said...

OMGoodness Tiffany!!! You totally captured such sweet and tender moments, and how special that you got to be their with your friend to share in this with them! Awesome job, and thanks for sharing!