Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enizio NEEDS your help - For a good cause

On April 11 2009, Studio Enizio will be hosting a Dress Drive and we need your help!
Pull out those old High School dresses and donate them to our salon between today and April 11, 2009. We will then hold an event where we will sell your donations for no more than 40 BUCKS!
All proceeds will go to the Panzi Hospital in the District of Congo.

Heres the Guidelines for Donations:
Ideal donations include formal gowns from 2002 to new, in GREAT condition, in all sizes and colors.
Dresses must be dry cleaned and on hangers.
Must be formal gowns or fancy party dresses.

Everyone that donates will have a chance to be entered into a drawing for a free makeover by the Enizio Team!

All of you who will need a dress for Prom can come on the 11th of April and pick one up for under 40 dollars! Plus all you girls that come in to purchase will also be entered into a drawing to have your hair and makeup done for prom on us!!!!

So PLEASE pass the word along. We need all the help we can get to make this a successful event.

About the Panzi Hospital in the District of Congo:

"With the war in the District of Congo rape has been a cheap, simple weapon for all parties in the war, more easily obtainable than bullets or bombs: “This violence was designed to exterminate the population,” there is such stigma associated with rape in Congo — where female virginity is prized and the husband of a rape survivor is considered shamed — that rape survivors are routinely shunned by husbands, parents and communities.

The Congo war has claimed more lives than any conflict since the end of World War II, yet receives almost no attention outside central Africa. An estimated 4 million people have died here since 1996 — the vast majority not by firepower but starvation or preventable diseases, as people hid in the jungle to escape the fighting." ( Stephanie Nolen of Ms Magazine.)
photo credit: The New York Times
The Panzi Hospital was created to help treat the victims of rape. Please take the time to read more about their organization here or an article by the New York Times here
We are eager and excited to be able to raise something - anything to help even one victim.

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Clark @ Studio Enizio - 801.341.5041

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