Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baylie and Brady Wedding

Ok, finally got around to posting this awesome wedding :) that I shot for Baylie and Brady. They got married in the Logan LDS Temple and had a reception in Farr West Utah. I adore both families and it was nice finally meeting Brady's family and getting to know them. I finally explained the story behind the tear, so be sure to scroll down and read what happened.

Thanks to my lovely wife Tiffany for grabbing this shot of me in action :)

"Daddy's little girl" Baylie's dad Tom surprised her during his speech. When she was preteen, they had taken a road trip and Daddy's Little Girl came on the radio and he said that he would someday sing that to her when she got married, to which she replied "Why?" lol. I am sure that Baylie had long forgotten that until her dad brought it up in the speech, and as he was retelling the story, Baylie turned to her mom and asked "Is he serious (about him singing)?" lol. Then the room fell silent and every eye filled with tears as he began to sing. It was the sweetest thing ever and even as I type this up, my tear ducts are beginning to leak.

"Is he serious?"


Gloria Nobles said...

WOW! Uummm, Baylie's Dad is totally making me cry! That was sooo sweet, and I know she'll never forget it, because.........well, neither will I!!

Kara Laws said...

Brillant place for the ring! Thanks for explaining the tear. I love the picture with it. And you caught it just in the perfect place, before it just because a wet smear. lol

Rachael Earl said...

Awesome job as always! I absolutely love #6! I am envious of your snowy weddings!

Tom said...

Thanks Dustin! The pictures bring back all the wonderful emotions from that day.

Rach said...

These turned out so great Dustin! Wish I could have been there!