Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photography Tip #3 - Purchasing Camera Gear

Just wanted to make a quick post for all my photographer friends out there. Today, I wanted to talk to you guys about purchasing camera gear and give you a few pointers. First of all, before you buy any gear from any online retailer or vendor from one of your photography magazines, GO TO THIS SITE AND RESEARCH THEIR NAME....

If you find a deal that looks too good to be true, it probably is. A lot of sleazy companies out there will advertise a hot item (say for instance a 5d camera) at a very low price and you think you may have found the deal of the century, but in reality, the scenario will play out like this....

You find a 5d listed at Joe Schmoe Photo for $999 body only and you know it normally retails for $2000 brand new, so you jump on their website and place your order. You will then receive an email confirming your order and asking you to call in to verify. You will be greeted by a sales person who then begins to tell you that the body that you purchased is a plastic body and for a certain fee you can be upgraded to the stronger body, then he will tell you the battery that comes with the camera only lasts 1 hour and they can sell you an extended battery for only $250, and then try to sell you a charger for $200 that comes in the box anyways. They are very rude and dishonest and if you decline all of the upsells, all of a sudden the camera is on backorder and will be shipped in 4-6 weeks, etc.

It's usually the same scam, and it really irks me that businesses like this are allowed to treat consumers in such a poor manner and scam people with bait and switch tactics. So please, research any company on before purchasing any gear.

The ONLY places that shop at and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing gear from would be the following places.
B&H Photo

Now go buy yourself some killer gear from a reputable dealer and don't be scammed by any of those scumbag companies. :)

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Rachael Earl said...

Such good info-I hate those gray market scammers! Research prices on your accessories, too, before they try to get you to buy a special $200 battery that you can get for $20!