Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Christina and Chris Wedding Utah Wedding Photographer

After my macbook pro dying, and tons of technical setbacks, I was finally able to finish up Christina and Chris' wedding today :) Thanks for your patience guys, I know you've been dying to see these. My lovely wife Tiffany as able to come and tag along with me on this wedding. After she met Christina and Chris at a proofing meeting, she fell in love with them and begged me to come to the wedding. Christina and Chris are two of the most fun and loving couples ever. They are so happy together and are always smiling and having fun. After the sealing at the Salt Lake Temple, we attended a pizza luncheon at a church. Papa John's was the pizza supplier and they were chosen because of the dugout engagement pictures that had the papa john's logo plastered everywhere. Anyways, long story short, that pizza was delicious. Then it was time for the reception at White Willow. It was a party and a half. Congratulations Christina and Chris :)

Me with Whitney and Morgan :) Thanks so much for referring Christina to me Whitney ;) you guys are the best.

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I just met this cute nursing student and she LOVES her wedding photos. I LOVE her wedding photos too! NIce to see your handsome face in the mix. Tiffany rocked the off camera lighting and your post processing makes me drool! Keep on keepin' on my friend! See you two at Halloween!